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More and more brands struggle with EDI and electronic order processing. We help you integrate digitally with all trade partners and automatize the exchange of all order documents - without manual work or lengthy IT projects.

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Integrate with all trade partners

Procuros is the first one-to-all platform. We connect your ERP system once to the Procuros Integration Hub and you get instant access to all your trade partners, such as EDEKA, Rewe, dm, etc.

Connect your ERP system to Procuros

Leverage our Standard Data Model

Since the Procuros Integration Hub first brings the documents of all your trade partners into our standard data model, you no longer need to map or configure individual trading partner connections.

In addition, you can define custom field transformations to automate process flows - e.g. for mapping addresses, VAT numbers or delivery instructions.

Procuros standard data model

Connect directly with your ERP System

Connecting to the Procuros Integration Hub is easy. We use your existing interfaces for this or provide you with a pre-configured connector for your ERP system. This means that no changes to ERP systems are required - neither on your side nor on the side of your trade partners.

Connect your network to Procuros

Integrate instantly

Benefits for sales teams

With the help of the Procuros Integration Hub, you finally have more time again to solve complex problems with your trade partners instead of doing manual data entry.

Fulfill trade partners' requirements

Enable digital order processing with trade partners - faster and easier than ever before

Full Transparency

Gain full transparency over all your documents and order processes

Error Reduction

Reduce errors during data entry and other manual processes

Standardized Mapping

Eliminate the need for mapping of documents to your ERP

Task Automation

Automate tasks and interactions with your customers

Simpler Connections

Connect digitally to new customers with only a few clicks

Trusted by innovative startups & companies
kraftling Author
Kraftling regains valuable time through Procuros
Procuros helps us to process our order documents automatically rather than manually. With approximately 20,000 orders per year (B2B and B2C), this means an enormous time saving for the entire operations area. Read their story
Friedrich Kalthoff
CEO, Kraftling
Wasserneutral Author
Wasserneutral reduces the risk of delisting through Procuros
Thanks to Procuros, we were able to meet the EDI requirements of all our trading partners, thereby avoiding the threat of penalties and possible delistings. Read their story
Wanja Weskott
CEO, Wasserneutral
Naughty Nuts Author
Naughty Nuts solves EDI in a few days - Plug and Play
Procuros has made EDI extremely easy for us. The implementation was done without any IT resources on our side. All our trade partners were connected within a few days and without any up-front costs.
Lorenz Greiner
CEO, Naughty Nuts

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to connect to a new customer or portal?
Connecting to a new customer or portal that is already part of the Procuros Integration Hub can be done in a matter of hours thanks to our standard data model and testing guidelines.
What if the customer or portal I need is not yet part of the Procuros Integration Hub?
We will add new customers and portals to the Procuros Integration Hub free of charge. You can send us a list of the customers/portals you require to to learn which ones are already part of the Procuros Integration Hub.
Does the Procuros Integration Hub support two-way communication?
Yes, the Procuros Integration Hub receives customer documents (orders, order changes, etc.) and sends documents (order acknowledgements, ASNs, invoices, etc.) back to customers via the connected portals.
We have a custom ERP. Can we connect to the Procuros Integration Hub?
Yes! We provide various ERP-independent connection methods. You can choose to connect to the Procuros Integration Hub via our Restful API, standard EDI (EDIFACT/AS2, X12/AS2, SFTP, etc.) or via an IPaaS provider (Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, Cloud Elements, etc.).
Where is our data stored?
We store all data in high-security data centers throughout Germany.
What's the cost associated with using the Procuros Integration Hub?
Connecting to new customers or portals is entirely free. We charge on a transaction basis – you only pay for what you use. Please reach out to us at to get a quote.

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