Struggling to integrate suppliers?

For many trade network or platform providers it is difficult to connect with suppliers. We help you integrate digitally with all suppliers on your network and streamline any order documents that go through your platform.

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Digitally connect all suppliers to your platform

The Procuros Integration Hub lets existing suppliers integrate seamlessly with your platform. This enables them to do fully digital processing of quotation, order, and invoice documents.

Connect your ERP system to Procuros

Leverage our Standard Data Model

Since the Procuros Integration Hub brings documents from all your suppliers into our standard data model, suppliers do not need establish or map individual supplier connections any longer.

We even offer a field transformations in case the customers or suppliers on your network use free text to provide custom information like addresses, VAT numbers, or delivery instructions.

Procuros standard data model

Connect directly with your platform

The Procuros Integration Hub directly connects with your network or platform. We are able to handle most standard connection methods (e.g., RESTful and GraphQl APIs, Webhooks, SOAP or EDI) - you simply choose how you would like us to integrate with you.

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Integrate instantly

Benefits for network & platform providers

With the Procuros Integration Hub you can spend your time growing your trade network instead of worrying about digital integrations with suppliers.

Increased usage

Encourage suppliers to increase volume of transactions processed through existing platforms

Additional suppliers

Allow suppliers that require fully digital processing of order documents to connect to your platform

Error Reduction

Reduce errors during message processing and simplify root cause analysis and rule setting for suppliers

Simpler Connections

Simplify digital connection to platform for suppliers, even when interacting with different customers

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to connect my network or platform to the Procuros Integration Hub?
Connecting your network or platform to the Procuros Integration Hub can be done in a matter of 2-4 weeks. You simply tell us how you would like us to connect to your network (e.g., via your API, web service or standard EDI) and we do the rest.
What if the supplier I need is not yet part of the Procuros Integration Hub?
We are always working to add new suppliers to our portal. Please reach out to to us at for specific customer requests and we'll get in touch.
Thanks to our standard data model and testing guidelines connecting to our Integration Hub is quick and simple for suppliers.
Does the Procuros Integration Hub support two-way communication?
Yes, the Procuros Integration Hub forwards supplier documents (order acknowledgements, ASNs, invoices, etc.) and sends documents (orders, order changes, etc.) to suppliers from connected portals.
We have an existing API or other integration setup. Can we connect to the Procuros Integration Hub?
Yes! We provide various connection methods. You can choose to connect to the Procuros Integration Hub via your own API, web service or standard EDI.
Where is our data stored?
We store all data in high-security data centers throughout Germany.
What's the cost associated with using the Procuros Integration Hub?
The initial integration of your platform or network is entirely free for portal or network providers. We charge on a transaction basis, so suppliers and platform or network providers only pay for what they use. Please reach out to us at for pricing details.

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