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Connect digitally to all your trade partners

Procuros is your one-to-all digital integration platform. We connect your ERP system once to the Procuros Integration Hub and you get instant access to all your trade partners.


Procuros Integration Hub


See how the Procuros Integration Hub helps you connect better to your trade partners to increase efficiency, reduce errors and strengthen customer loyalty.

Grocery Brands

Your digital connection to all your trade partners.

Industrial Suppliers

Connect to supplier portals and manufacturing companies.

Platform Providers

Empower suppliers to digitally integrate with your platform.

Integrate instantly

Benefits for sales teams

With the Procuros Integration Hub you can finally spend your time again talking to customers instead of doing manual data entry.

No Log-Ins

Fully eliminate log-ins into different supplier portals

Full Transparency

Gain full transparency over all your order documents

Error Reduction

Reduce errors during data entry and other manual processes

Standardized Mapping

Eliminate the need for mapping of documents to your ERP

Task Automation

Automate tasks and interactions with your customers

Easy Connection

Connect digitally to new customers with only a few clicks

Recent publications

Here we share the latest materials on the topics of supplier portals, process optimization and supply chain digitization.

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