Procuros for Retail


Done for you: Procuros manages and automates all your supplier transactions in one interface. Get laser vision and deep insights, and onboard suppliers in the blink of an eye. A new era of supply chain transparency.

Retail brands big and small have teamed up with Procuros

Connect suppliers instantly, hands free.

Our cutting-edge technology does the work: sit back as Procuros automates communications and fully manages your supplier onboarding.

All in one place. Onboard as many as you please & stay ahead of the beat.

Be the one your suppliers love to work with.

Procuros integrates with any interface, and adapts to your suppliers’ EDI or API needs. Connect directly to their system: our plug-and-play connectors for over ten common ERP platforms and email-based WebEDI solution put simplicity first.

A low tech solution for your supplier’s IT department. With our support available 24 hours, five days a week.

From now on, good connections come easily.

Full data transparency. Full efficiency. Full shelves.

See every transaction, every detail, every event as it happens: the Procuros Integration Hub gathers all supplier transactions as they arrive, giving you the accurate data needed for informed decisions.

See errors instantly, and target them with a single click. Supply chain stability is no longer a myth.