Platform overview


Procuros is the platform which automates all B2B transactions.
One connection for all partners – integrated with your ERP in minutes.
Watch it flow.

Cut down manual effort in B2B transactions.
Connect to new partners with a single click.
Find errors instantly to
secure success.


Faster. Connect to new partners with a click.

Safer. Minimize risks of errors with our cloud-based system.

Transparent. Analyze all B2B data consolidated on one platform.

Simpler. Give IT a rest with our smart Plug & Play API solution.

Connected. Scale-up fast with our extensive network of pre-connected trade partners.

Efficient. Reduce manual effort and claim back precious time.

EaSE tech pains with one platform.

Dragged down by technical requirements of potential B2B partners?

Procuros has superpower compatibility.

It handles all key interfaces and technologies: API, EDI, SFTP, email, XML, supplier portals and beyond. Connect freely with new partners, independent of their needs.

Cover 100% of your supplier base.

You use EDI, but many suppliers still can’t connect to your system.

Procuros makes it possible to connect with every supplier, regardless of whether they have their own EDI infrastructure or not.

Our automated, email-based, order-to-cash solution jumps in to help, together with our intuitive API and EDI interface.

Replace expensive, legacy infrastructure.

Fed up with complex EDI projects for onboarding new partners sending resources down the drain?

Future-proof your business with our cutting-edge API tech, which includes full backwards compatibility with legacy systems.

No more lengthy projects: Procuros connects instantly, without the IT department’s help.

Update ERP systems without losing a thing.

You want to upgrade your ERP system, but this would make all existing B2B connections obsolete.

Procuros keeps you connected as you migrate, reestablishing EDI with your partners from your new system in the blink of an eye.

Discover the difference

Make the Switch.

The old way

The Procuros way

The old way.

The Procuros way.

Manual data entry ( Excel, phone, email) or archaic EDI
Fully automated document exchange
Expensive, cumbersome EDI integrations
Plug & Play connection
Many individual connections
One connection for your entire trade network
Costly errors
Validated system data
Asynchronous information
Real time data transfer
Inefficient manual and/or legacy processes
Simple onboarding
Archaic legacy tech infrastructure
Cutting-edge, versatile tech