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How El Origen digitizes the end-to-end ordering process with Procuros using EDI & ERP as a foundation for scalable growth

El Origen has always relied on a scalable infrastructure to automate the ordering process end-to-end. With the linkage of the ERP system Xentral and the Procuros Integration Hub, orders, delivery bills and invoices from the trade are fully automated. All important trade partners could be connected with one click, which meant that even a rapid increase in order volume could be handled seamlessly. Welcome to the Crunchy Revolution

What's the best thing to make from plantains and cassava? That's right, organic chips! El Origen is bringing these snacks, which have long been known in Latin America, to Europe and starting a "crunchy revolution". The crunchy organic chips are enjoying great popularity and can be found on the shelves of Rewe, Edeka and Alnatura.

State of the Art Operations from the Beginning

With the help of the Rewe StartUp Lounge the first chip bags were listed in test markets throughout Germany. The products were very well received and it quickly became clear that the test markets need to expand over the one food retailer. Automated processing of orders is essential, to ensure the purchase quantities of a permanent listing at the retailers.

Thus, the ERP system Xentral was introduced at El Origen and internal processes such as warehouse management and order processing were handled by it.

In addition to implementing the enterprise resource planning system, El Origen quickly realized that last piece of the puzzle for automated end-to-end ordering processes was still missing: a smooth EDI connection.

If you wonder what is EDI? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ensures the automated exchange of all order documents such as invoices and shipping notes, for example, which eliminates the manual transfer of orders to the ERP system. Only through a suitable EDI integration with the ERP system can order processing thus be fully digitalized and automated.

EDI & ERP a match made in Heaven - or not?

At first glance, the combination of ERP and EDI seems very logical. But why has the interaction not long since become standard at every company?

This is due to the so far very limited possibilities to implement EDI easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. Complex and expensive IT integrations made EDI implementation extremely challenging, especially for many startups. However, Procuros Integration Hub offers completely new possibilities for El Origen, especially with transaction-based pricing.

El Origin connected with all their trade partners with just a few clicks and no upfront feed. In addition, our plug-and-play connector make it possible to connect the Xentral ERP system to the platform in no time at all.

This way, companies like El Origen can anticipate the demands of commerce and offer EDI right from the start.

Managing rapid demand with the Procuros Integration Hub

From today's perspective, the early establishment of a scalable infrastructure was more than beneficial. From one day to the next, demand grew rapidly and El Origen chips were placed on the shelves of all major grocery stores throughout Germany. Thanks to the forward thinking and early implementation of ERP and matching EDI connection, the "run" on the organic chips could be managed.

Quickly 10 retail partners could be connected thanks to the hub architecture of the Procuros Integration Hub. A seamless document flow between the retailer and its own ERP system also ensured that the operations team was not occupied with tedious manual data entry.

With Procuros, we can establish the EDI connection to our customers quickly and easily. This makes our day-to-day work much easier, as order processing and the invoicing process are now almost automatic.

Katharina Franke

Supply Chain Manager El Origen

The Procuros Integration Hub

Procuros is the first one-to-all platform for digital connection to trading partners. Thanks to existing EDI connections to all trading partners, new and existing trading partners can be connected to your ERP system with just a few clicks. Smooth interaction between ERP and EDI can be set up within a few days and forms the basis for scalable operations. In this article, which we wrote together with Xentral and our partner 4foodies, we have summarized at what point in time you should consider the introduction of an ERP.