How to connect to REWE via EDI

About REWE

REWE is one of Germany's biggest retailers. Astonishing 15.500 Supermarkets are visited by 73 Millionen customer every week. Besides the supermarkets of REWE Group (like REWE, Billa, or Penny) also the DIY Store Toom belongs to it.

Hardly any listing can draw that much spotlight to your products. REWE has all the competencies to have your product in the right place at the right time to distribute it to your customers.

Reason enough to take a closer look at the requirements of an EDI integration in order to fulfill REWE's requirements for your business.

When do you need to integrate via EDI at REWE

First of all we should highlight the question: When is the right time to establish an EDI Connection?

Many companies consider an EDI Integration as something to implement with higher numbers of sales and bigger order volumes. EDI connections used to be way to complex and expensive to be established in an early stage.

And yes, you don't need to connect to REWE to sell a very low quantity and don't want to scale.

But if you are on a journey becoming the next big thing that should be available on nearly every supermarket shelf, a solid tech-stack to lay down the foundation is key.

Why? If no EDI connection is established it's a very tedious process for every Manager at a REWE supermarket to order your products. Orders can't be triggered just by one click - Managers usually have to write an email or even have to fill out an order form.

Who would you rather trade with? Someone who's is just one click away or someone you have to write an letter to?

Or to put in other words: If you want to be a reliable Partner and eliminate bottlenecks that will hinder your business to scale, you need a stable EDI Integration.

How to integrate with REWE

Let's get in detail and talk about the specific requirement to connect to REWE to exchange all order documents.

First off you need to be listed in at least one REWE Supermarket. REWE will not connect your business if there's no listing. The second most important thing and a requirement is a present GLN Number. Make sure you can tick those boxes. If you want to know more about listing and requirements at REWE please check our recent Webinar with REWE StartUp Lounge or get a copy of our Checklist on “How to get listed”

To exchange order documents via EDI, REWE uses the AS2 Standard and X400 as a transmission channel. Many different EDI Standards have evolved over the last few years but REWE sticks to those channels. Thus you have to make sure that your ERP System is able to integrate those standards by using an EDI Provider.

Another way would be to use the REWE Supplier Portal. Using the supplier portal has a benefit: You don't have to worry about these intricate standards above. Just log in and receive and send all order documents in this portal. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of manual data entry, if your order volumes go up. You will still need to transfer all documents from the Portal to your own ERP System

If you want to automate the whole process and meet REWE's requirements but not using aged, complex, and expensive EDI standards there's still one solution left. Using an API based Integration Hub to connect your ERP System via Plug&Play to REWE.

We know you came for EDI but API is what you really need. Why? Check out or Article on EDI vs API and continue reading.

Benefits of using APIs to integrate with REWE

  • Plug&Play - REWE is already connected to the API based Procuros Integration Hub. Just send us an email and you will be connected within 48 hours
  • No lengthy IT Project - Focus time and energy on core tasks and not on tedious IT Implementations. The Only thing we need is the API token of your ERP System. That's it/
  • No more Errors. No more Copy and paste. Receive, edit and send all relevant order documents such as invoices, shipping notices or orders directly in your ERP System
  • Fulfill REWE requirements and become a reliable trade partner
  • Avoid fees and penalties for not being able to connect

Lots of benefits that can save you a lot of time and eliminate errors. For a reason, using APIs for EDI Integration is the new standard in B2B transactions.

We know you read this article to check how to connect to rewe using EDI. If you want to know more on why APIs will are the better solution to deal with EDI connections, let's get in touch!

Procuros has already integrated more than hundred suppliers with Rewe just in a few clicks.