M&P Business Solutions and Procuros announce partnership to help companies optimize B2B transactions with Microsoft Business Central.

Procuros and M&P Business Solutions together support Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) users with optimizing their business processes. Procuros handles complex integrations with ease. Exchanging order documents through the outdated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standard is still common, and causes headaches for IT departments. But thanks to the API-based Procuros Integration Hub, all trading partners can now be integrated with one connection. M&P ensure seamless integration in BC.

Automated Processes with Procuros

Real data flow instead of time-consuming complexity. With the Procuros Integration Hub, all order documents can be processed directly in a Business Central ERP system, and transferred to your trading partners with just a click. Orders, shipping notes, invoices and more can be sent and received, all on a single platform. One click connects you to dozens of supplier portals. No more tedious logging in or navigating multiple portals, rather a single, ready connection to all partners.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Error reduction: Minimize errors from data entry and other manual processes
  • Meet trade requirements: Get digital connectivity with all trade partners more quickly and easily than ever before
  • Automate processes: Automate exchanges of order documents with your trade partners

The Procuros Integration Hub needs only to connect once to the Microsoft Business Central ERP system, with the help of M&P Business Solutions, before being ready to use as a one-for-all connection for exchanging order documents with every trade partner. And best of all, no lengthy IT projects are involved – the Plug&Play Procuros functionality gives a swift, simple connection process between a company’s ERP system and their complete network of all trading partners. Connect once, sit back and watch the exchanges flow.

The new standard in B2B transactions: Using APIs to replace outdated, resource-draining standards.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), a standard from the 1970s, still dominates the automated exchange of order documents. Although it’s a robust standard which is still defined by many trading partners as a requirement for new partners, the high complexity and associated costs of a smooth integration make it a dated practice which often keeps enterprises from flourishing in our dynamic present.

API systems, on the other hand, give the same service of order document exchange between ERP systems, but with the great advantages of being more universally recognized, far easier to implement and providing the real time transfer of documents and information. Using an API gives error transparency in-depth and is fast becoming common practice among future-focused enterprises.

M&P Business Solutions x Microsoft Business Central x Procuros

The smooth interaction between M&P Business Solutions and Procuros gives every Microsoft Business Central ERP system a real update. A customized solution is established that leaves old data standards behind and enables the new standard of order document exchange through the API connection of the Procuros Integration Hub. An integration that works and saves a lot of manual work. All in one place in one environment and in just a few steps per plug and play.

About Procuros

Procuros is a tech company that builds infrastructure to connect companies: Our mission is to take the effort out of B2B transactions. Businesses of all sizes use the Procuros Integration Hub to automate their operations. A single connection to our platform empowers our customers to automatically exchange trade transactions with all their partners - spending less time on manual data entry, they are enabled to focus on their core mission.

Since founding Procuros in the summer of 2021, we have raised over $10M in funding from top tier investors like Point Nine (early investors in Delivery Hero, Revolut and Zendesk) and Creandum (early investors in Spotify, Trade Republic and Klarna) as well as angels such as Denise Persson (CMO Snowflake), David Clarke (former CTO Workday), and Thijn Lamers (Adyen founding team).

About M&P Business Solutions

The M&P Group understands itself as an innovation driver in the field of construction and real estate. Thinking and acting is focused on generating the greatest possible added value for the customer through optimal technical, digital and organizational networking. The consulting approach bundles highly qualified expertise in the areas of consulting, engineering, energy and IT solutions and brings them together to create a unique solution competence. M&P's consulting, which is oriented towards the creation of added value, is characterized by advanced strategies, efficient processes, networked structures and low-risk optimizations. M&P's thinking and acting is solution-oriented and focused on the business goals of its clients.