Procuros and Rsult announce partnership to automate B2B transaction processes in Oracle Netsuite

Procuros, a specialist in B2B transaction automation, is pleased to announce its partnership with Rsult, a leading Oracle Netsuite implementation service provider. The collaboration aims to optimize the digitization of business processes for Netsuite users.

Through the partnership, Rsult will provide seamless integration with Oracle Netsuite, while Procuros will enable connectivity to customers, suppliers and logistics service providers with its Integration Hub. This makes the automated exchange of documents between all trading partners a child's play.

Rsult is looking forward to continuing the good cooperation with Procuros in order to automate business processes for our customers much more easily," says Martin Strasil, Managing Director Czech Republic at Rsult. "With Procuros' Integration Hub, our customers can automate their processes and save time on manual data entry, allowing them to focus on their core tasks."
"Procuros is very excited to partner with Rsult to help Netsuite users optimize their business processes," says Patrick Thelen, CEO of Procuros. "Our API-based integration hub enables the integration of all trading partners via a single interface and eliminates the need to exchange order documents via outdated EDI standards."

The partnership enables Netsuite users to optimize their processes and make them more efficient. The Integration Hub not only automates existing B2B transactions, but also enables companies to connect with new trading partners more quickly and easily.

Companies of all sizes benefit from the integration, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and grow their business.

About Rsult

Rsult is a Fintech and ERP focused group of companies. Besides delivering international NetSuite implementations and optimizations, the group also owns two cloud software companies specialized in easy-to-use data migration and an API connectivity platform. We are constantly exploring new possibilities to deliver unseen R(e)sults for our customers.

About Procuros

Procuros is a technology company that simplifies B2B transactions with its Integration Hub. By automating processes, Procuros enables companies to increase their efficiency and focus on their core tasks. The Hub's connectors seamlessly integrate ERP and e-commerce systems, providing a unified solution for optimized business processes.