Case Study

Xentral partners with Procuros to provide additional value to its customers

Driving mutual growth by providing optimum functionality.

Xentral allows clients to run their entire business from one tab: a user-friendly business platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it collates and automates orders, inventory, payments and shipping processes. Customers gain visibility, time and control, and increase their revenue. With a strong presence in the food & beverage vertical, Xentral has many customers requiring flawless EDI for their processes. SMEs are often dragged down by data exchange, especially when new trading partners have complex integration needs, draining IT resources. 

The Procuros Integration Hub bridges the gap with its EDI integration, automating all trade transactions (like the order-to-cash process) and transforming documents of any source and format to a standard data model. It connects with ERP, API systems and beyond, and automatically integrates within hours. Xentral customers can now easily connect their entire business’s data from the Xentral interface with new partners, whatever their tech interface, and automate the transfer of critical data and documents.

What it means for Xentral customers to have Procuros in the portfolio

“The constant EDI-ERP integration allows us to maintain a reliable and consistent flow of transacted documents between us and our trade partners [...] we have easy access to data that [has] allowed our business to grow and minimized human error.” – Katharine Franke, el origen food GmbH

Customers who need EDI have their needs met, while flourishing with extra help from the Procuros network of 150+ trade partners, supplier portals, logistics platforms, ERP systems and supply and buy side customers: the key ingredients for a fast scale-up.

Driving revenue impact for each other, together.

A new generation of future-ready startups are ready to lead the business world with a customer-focused agile mindset. An unrelenting commitment to quality, professionalism and remote work characterize the Procuros and Xentral partnership ethos as they co-market and deliver joint customer value.

Partnership means coming together to grow better. Xentral position Procuros as their go-to partner for a B2B transaction automation solution, refer leads (they currently share 25+ customers) and share customer feedback, market insights and industry needs. Procuros enhances Xentral to provide outstanding functionality, and offers a powerful ecosystem of stakeholders. 

Procuros and Xentral join forces on promotional webinars and events, bringing together their knowledge to shape the narrative of cutting-edge tech.

Partnering with Procuros

The Procuros partnership experts offer skills and dynamism for the partnering process: from 

identifying the strategy, closing the deals, nurturing and activation to rolling out joint G2M initiatives. Together they create and manage partnered business plans and develop joint solutions and Go-To-Market offerings. 

We find opportunities: in the words of Jose Carlos Aguilar Suarez Senior Product Manager from Xentral,

“Procuros has created insightful videos for our academy, actively interact with our community members, are always open for collaboration and co-creating new initiatives.” 

As we move towards becoming a standardized tool for every Xentral customer, our team looks forward to new strategic partnerships. Our expertise ranges from intuitive tools to the FMCG sector and are keen to bring our cutting-edge data analysis to fields afar.